When we think of tech support, we tend to think of computers. However, these days intelligent technology is embedded in everything we see, touch, and use. The role of tech support is changing. At BTS, we can provide you with traditional tech support while also helping you better understand the Internet of Things and how to use IoT at work and in your everyday life.

No matter what the industry, no matter what type of technology you use, BTS has the right kind of experience that you need. We have assembled top experts in every field waiting to take care of your technical needs.

As IT environments becomes increasingly complex more businesses are finding themselves falling behind on things like security, updates, patches, and backups. This will eventually have a negative impact should services like CRM or email go down. A substantial loss of productivity and revenue can be the result. Let BTS manage your technology infrastructure for you.


  • Remote Monitoring

  • Keeps You Undated & Secure
  • $25mo per Workstation
  • $35mo per Server
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  • Remote Support

  • Let Us Find And Solve Your Problems Fast
  • $60hr under contract
  • $75hr no contract
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  • On Site Support

  • Fast Reliable On-Site Repairs
  • $95hr under contract
  • $125hr no contract
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